Our commitment

We are leaders in the acquisition and management of distress commercial loans over 90 days in arrears, focusing on those over 180 days.
Our collection is based on administrative processes supported by legal actions.
We add value to financial entities through an excellent management of delinquency, thereby generating a benefit (value and financing).
We develop long term relationships based on revolving purchases.


Our company specializes in debt collection, with high strategic sense and a highly qualified team, generating a high performance to our associates and shareholders.


To be the leading company in Latin America in the acquisition of distressed commercial loans, providing our experience, formality and strength as an improvement to the financial indicators of our commercial partners and clients.

Our business policies

We create long term relationship with our clients: Continuity agreements for periodical recurrent purchases, instead of one shot deals.
Our entrance into new markets is subject to prior agreement with our commercial associates.
We invest in new projects subject to adequate profitability to our shareholders.
We protect our clients reputation by carrying out recovery within a legal and ethic framework.
We respect prior agreements between our clients and their costumers.
Every deal must be endorsed by the corresponding regulating agency.

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